(cn) Pipe Straighteners

If a flexible or rigid subsea pipeline is installed using Reel-lay, the pipe needs to be straightened after it is spooled from the reel and bend over the aligner and before it is overboarded. Huisman designs and manufactures Pipe Straighteners to remove the pipe curvature that remains after plastic bending of the pipe on the reel.

The design of the Straightener depends on the diameter of pipe, wall thickness, yield strength and the type of coating on it. Generally it consists of two curves tracks that use the aligner as third bending point for straightening, using counter bending.


Besides Pipe Straighteners, we offer a full turnkey package of handling equipment including tensioners, winches, hang-off clamps, line-up systems, storage reels & carousels, pipe handling equipment, pipe transfer cranes, PLET handling systems and drive and control systems. In addition, our Engineers are continuously researching new techniques and applications to offer our clients the most efficient equipment in the market.