Applying for a job

By using the online application form, you can apply to a specific vacancy but also express your general interest in the organisation via an open application. Besides your work experience and education, we will also evaluate your interest in our company.


The first interview
If your CV and motivation match our profile, we will invite you for a first interview. This will be a general interview with one of our Recruiters or the specific Line Manager. During the interview we will focus on your interest to apply, your work experience, your motivation and your personality.  


The second interview
If the first interview is successful for you and for us, we will invite you for a second interview. During this interview you will meet various people from the organisation. We will focus on specific in-depth knowledge, evaluate if you fit within the Huisman organisation and if Huisman fits you a technical test will be part of the application procedure if you apply for a position at one of our engineering departments.


The third interview

Depending on the position, we might invite you for a third interview.


Last steps towards signing a contract
If we are both enthusiastic, we will offer you a contract.

We strive to limit the total application procedure to a maximum of four weeks.

Photo Gallery

A collection of photos and illustrations of important Huisman projects over the years. Photo Gallery

Submit Resume/CV

You can submit your Resume/CV without applying to a specific job. This will allow our P&O Department to find you for future openings.

Talented and ambitious people have a great opportunity to share in our challenges. We are continuously looking for interns, starters and professionals willing to make a difference.

Submit your resume