Land Based Cranes

The Huisman Heavy Lift Ringer Crane is a mobile crane mounted on a ring construction. With lifting capacities up to 2,400mt, the completely assembled crane can be moved on location using its crawler. All Ringer Cranes are equipped with a modular main boom and jib which can be amended for the specific lifting job. In order to save transportation cost, we designed a Containerised Mobile Ringer Crane, easily transportable as 20ft and 40ft ISO containers.

Rigid Ring

The rigid ring is supported on hydraulic jacks. Depending on the permissible ground pressure and the weight of the lifted load, the number of hydraulic jacks can be increased from 24 to 48. The jacks are located on spreader boards, reducing the ground pressure to 40mt/m² or less. The total outside diameter of the ring varies between 24.0m and 27.0m depending on the used spreader board.


Modular components

All components are of a modular design and are connected by quick connection pins to enable fast assembly of the crane. The dead-end of the wire is a swaged socket instead of an open wedge socket to facilitate reeving. The swaged socket can be reeved through all the sheaves without dismantling the socket.


Identical modules

The front and rear bogies are identical. Depending on the type of crane, each fourth or second bogie is hydraulically driven. The mast sections are identical as much as the design allows. Identical mast sections are used in the back mast, main boom and jib for both the platform ring as the twin ring. For the Containerised Ringer Crane only three different types of mast sections are used.


Exchangeable winches

The Ringer Crane is equipped with several winches of similar design. Each winch has a 52mm diameter wire and a max. line-pull of 60mt. The use of similar winches ensures exchangeability, facilitates easy maintenance and saves costs.



As the transportation of large machinery is rather expensive, Huisman designed the Containerised Mobile Ringer Crane. This crane can be easily transported in 20ft and 40ft ISO container parts and offers substantial transportation savings. Most parts of the crane have a double function: all components used for transportation are also used as structural parts of the crane.



The possibility of a superlift configuration avoids transportation of additional ballast and increases the crane capacity. 800mt superlift ballast is equivalent to 1,500mt fixed ballast. The radius of the ballast can be varied between on top of the ring to max 22.5m. Superballast tackles are provided to move the ballast just above the ground surface for each radius.


Build-up time

To minimise assembly time, several aspects are simplified:

  • Winches remain reeved during transportation

  • Connections of the ring are located outside and are therefore easily accessible

  • Similar ring parts and outside connections allow one part to be removed, facilitating access with, for example, a fork-lift truck

  • Use of swaged sockets instead of open wedge sockets

Land Based Cranes
Land Based Cranes
Land Based Cranes
Land Based Cranes
Land Based Cranes
Land Based Cranes


1600mt Platform Twinring Containerized crane (PTC 4) - Mammoet
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1600mt Platform Twinring Containerized crane (PTC 3) - Mammoet
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2000mt Containerised Ring Crane (PTC 2) - Mammoet
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2000mt Containerised Ring Crane (PTC 1) - Mammoet
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2400mt Heavy Lift Ring Crane - Mammoet
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