Mast Cranes

In 1984 we introduced the Mast Crane in the heavy lifting industry. Since then this innovative crane has achieved a dominant position particularly for the use onboard Heavy Lift Vessels. We delivered Mast Cranes up to a lifting capacity of 3000sht and we currently have a 5000mt Mast Crane under construction.

We have extensive experience in designing and constructing two specific types of Mast Cranes - Heavy Lift Mast Cranes and Offshore Mast Cranes.


Our Mast Crane is based on the mast derrick principle. It consists of a fixed mast fitted with a rotating slew platform supporting the boom and a mast head. The boom hoist tackle runs from the mast head to the top of the boom and controls the boom angle. This allows the different hoists to be positioned at the preferred radius. The mast construction gives an inherent safety feature; the load moment is carried by the mast and not by the slew bearings.


The major components of the Mast Crane are installed inside the crane, well protected from the harsh marine environment. The rotating parts of the crane are provided with totally enclosed slew bearings and therefore maintenance is limited. Today's Mast Cranes are completely driven by frequency controlled electro-motors.


Our Mast Cranes up to 3,000sht lifting capacity are fully assembled. This makes delivery and installation in one single piece possible. Larger Mast Cranes are delivered in only three of four pieces making a fast and easy installation possible. The rigorous shop testing prior to delivery ensures short commissioning times after mechanical installation.


Most of our cranes are custom-made. Due to our extensive experience we are currently able to make design simplifications and to include more redundancy in the designs with a focus on reliable operation.


  • Superior load curve

  • Small rectangular footprint

  • Low own construction weight

  • Minor tail swing, saving deck space

  • Low position Centre of Gravity

  • Limited maintenance

  • Completely electric driven

5000mt Offshore Mast Crane - Seven Borealis
2 x 900mt Heavy Lift Mast Cranes - Jumbo Javalin
3000mt Offshore Mast Crane - Sapura 3000
800mt Offshore Mast Crane - CPL
2 x 900mt Heavy Lift Mast Crane - Fairpartner
400mt Deepwater Offshore Mast Crane - Seven Oceans


2 x 1800mt Offshore Mast Crane - CIMC Raffles
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2x 900mt Heavy Lift Mast Crane - BigLift Shipping
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36mt Pedestal Mounted Offshore Crane - Subsea 7
Download specifications
4000mt Offshore Mast Crane - Heerema
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5000mt Offshore Mast Crane (heave comp.) - Subsea 7
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