Wind Turbine Installation Cranes

Huisman has expanded its heavy lifting product range with a customised range of Wind Turbine Installation Cranes. Building on the successful operation of the existing Huisman heavy lifting equipment for the installation of wind turbines and the increasing demand for customised equipment by the fast growing market for renewables, we have now designed a range of customised cranes that will be able to efficiently install all current turbines, as well as future turbines.

The currently operational cranes used for wind turbine installation include the 2 x 800mt and 1 x 1,700mt A-frames onboard Scaldis' Multipurpose Heavy Lift Vessel Rambiz, the 1,600mt crane onboard Smit's Taklift 4, the 300mt cranes onboard Seajacks' Kraken and Leviathan and the 900mt cranes onboard Jumbo Offshore's Javelin and Fairplayer.


The new customised crane range includes tailor-made Pedestal and Ringer Cranes for mainly jack-up vessels:

  • Low construction weight
  • Minor tail swing
  • Extensive lifting height
  • Small operational minimum radius
  • The option to install the crane around the leg of the jack-up
  • Additional options to ensure a safe installation procedure at high elevations

600mt Pedestal Crane - MPI Resolution - Wind Turbine installation
300mt Pedestal Mounted Offshore Crane - Seajacks Kraken - Wind Turbine Installation
300mt Pedestal Mounted Offshore Crane - Seajacks Leviathan - Wind Turbine Installation Crane
Wind turbine installation by the Rambiz
Wind turbine installation by the Rambiz
Wind turbine installation by the Taklift