Multi Purpose Tower

The multi purpose tower was introduced to the market in the late 90’s. It is a box girder type mast which

houses all the machinery inside. The multi purpose tower has the same functionality as a normal derrick

but offers additional improved accessibility to the well centres. This accessibility and its improved handling

procedures allow a smaller and much better integrated vessel. The HuisDrill 12000 and the JBF14000 are good

examples of this integration.

  • The multi purpose tower can be outfitted with one or with two hoists (dual MPT)
  • Box girder type main structure provides both the main load-carrying element and an enclosed environment for the mounting of all major equipment
  • No V-door limitation: unlimited access from all sides
  • Optional top drive parking system inside the mast
  • Optional bolted flange connection just above the setback drums allowing the pass the Panama Canal, Suez Canal and Bosphorus Bridges (pending on vessel design)
  • Traveling block with splittable block comprising two fixed and six detachable single sheave blocks. Splitting is a push-button operation. Splitting is achieved by detaching pairs of sheave blocks from the traveling block and attaching them to the crown-block. Block can be splitted from 16 to 12, 8 or 4 falls
  • Outfitted with active heave compensation system (AHC)
  • Outfitted with passive heave compensation system (PHC)

Drill tower - conventional look
Drill tower - functional look
Drill tower - new look
Multi Purpose Tower Helix Q4000
Multi Purpose Tower Helix Well Enhancer
Multi Purpose Tower Noble/Shell Bully 1



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