Multi Purpose Catamaran

The Huisman patented MPC consists of two vessels joined by a box-shaped connection structure above the waterline, creating a catamaran type floater. The aftships of the two seperate hulls are each others opposites and contain a recess, so that the catamaran features a large U-shaped slot at the end.

The catamaran is submersible by using the large water ballast tank capacity. Buoyant columns on the aftship and fixed column-shaped superstructures on the foreship ensure sufficient stability when submerged.


The vessel is intended for transport and installation of offshore structures and in reverse also decommissioning. Transport and installation is focussed on Spar and monohull TLP type production units. The MPC can both transport and install the hull parts of these production units as well as the complete topsides as a single module.


The installation procedure is based on float-over of the topsides, resting on the columns on the aftship of the MPC over the Spar hull. At this point a connection procedure takes place between the MPC and the Spar hull. A pre-tensioned connection in the horizontal and vertical plane is secured, alowing for transfer of the topsides to the Spar by ballasting and de-ballasting operations. Once this is achieved, the submerged MPC and Spar will transfer the topsides by ballasting and de-ballasting operations.


The vessel will be equipped with a Class 3 Dynamic positioning system and be fully self-supporting.


The MPC package is highly engineered and complete, allowing immediate presentation to shipyards for quotation and production proposals with reliable schedules and budget. An appoval in principle is already granted by Lloyds.


  • Installation capacity up to 30,000t in unlimited water depths

  • Hoisting capacity with special gantry up to 15,000t

  • Transport capacity up to 90,000t

  • Large free deck area

  • Very good motion behaviour

  • Unique patented pre-tensioned heave compensation system allowing loads to be placed with little or no impact loads.

Multi Purpose Catamaran
Multi Purpose Catamaran
Multi Purpose Catamaran
Multi Purpose Catamaran
Multi Purpose Catamaran
Multi Purpose Catamaran development