Special Projects

The Huisman equipment, varying from stand-alone products to highly engineered and integrated systems is fully designed and manufactured under own management, from concept to delivery. Our Special Projects range and experience is varied and includes a broad range of working steel constructions with drive systems. Examples are one-off and custom-built solutions for deepwater lowering, skidding, salvage, trenching and rock dumping.


All Huisman products are designed and built in accordance with the international standards and certified by recognised authorities such as Lloyd's, DNV, ABS, NMD and TüV.

Salvage Equipment

In 2001, Huisman delivered the grippers needed by Mammoet to successfully lift the Russian atomic submarine Kursk.


Rock Dumping Units

Huisman has delivered a series of (deepwater) rock dumping systems to various clients. 


Skidding Systems

Huisman developed custom-made skidding systems for (land) transportation purposes for the Nyborg Construction site in Denmark and for Northumberland Strait Crossing Project in Canada.  



Rock Dumping System - Boskalis

Rock Dumping System - Tideway

1250mt pull in system / 300mt winch wildcat - BP

Rock Dumping System and ROV - Deeprock

500mt Temporary Lifting Device - Mammoet
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