/ Geo Coil 500/1000

The novel technologies in the Geo Coil Rig enable drilling companies to drill shallow urban geothermal wells up to 500 metres (and ever deeper) much faster, safer and with smaller crews, with a lower environmental impact and an extremely small footprint.


The rig’s highly efficient operation and small size bring shallow depth geothermal wells in urban areas within reach. The hybrid set-up, which combines the coil technique with conventional drilling equipment as a spindle drive and iron roughneck, eliminates the handling of many short pipes, while maintaining the capability to run bottom hole assemblies or casing, install the U-probes and refill the hole.


Shallow geothermal wells at depths up to 1,000 metres can offer a local heat supply for dwellings and other buildings. Supported by the coil drilling technique, the Geo Coil Rig drills these wells faster and more cost efficiently then conventional rigs. Also, placing the unit in a local garden, or parking lot is now possible thanks to the extremely compact design. This makes sure the distance between end user and well is brought back to a minimum in densely populated areas.


Noise emissions can be drastically reduced, while local CO2 emissions can be eliminated when connected to the local power grid due to the option for an AC-electric power system.

/ 特点

  • Extremely compact
  • Efficient
  • Safety by design
  • Low environmental impact
  • Fast rig moves

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