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The Automated Stacking Crane plays a vital role in streamlining container operations at terminals. As a gantry-type crane, it efficiently navigates through container storage and stacking areas. Specifically engineered for automated container handling, the Automated Stacking Crane seamlessly facilitates loading and unloading operations at transfer points on either end of the stack. Unwavering reliability, consistent availability, and precise positioning under all weather conditions are paramount for maximising terminal productivity.

Benefiting from Huisman's proven expertise in top-tier design and manufacturing practices, coupled with a seamlessly integrated and adaptable system, our Automated Stacking Crane solutions are tailored to meet your specific requirements. Huisman can deliver optimal performance and efficiency, ensuring seamless container handling operations at your terminal.

Maximise reliability

Maximise reliability

Containers are effortlessly managed with utmost safety and positioned with exceptional precision within the stack. Our Huisman Automated Stacking Cranes operate with full electrical propulsion, ensuring economical power usage, environmental sustainability, and minimal maintenance requirements.

Increase flexibility

Increase flexibility

Huisman Automated Stacking Cranes offer customisable configurations tailored precisely to your size and performance specifications. Our designs are designed to align with your logistical demands while maintaining competitiveness on a global scale.

Minimise maintenance

Minimise maintenance

We have engineered our Automated Stacking Cranes solutions for straightforward maintenance and service execution. We prioritise using components familiar to our clients, minimising spare parts costs. Where possible we use standardised, competitive and reliable components contributing to a lower OPEX.

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Huisman Automated Stacking Cranes are engineered to thrive in diverse port settings, ranging from cold and warm climates to high humidity and salt-laden air environments. Leveraging our extensive experience in both onshore and offshore harsh environments, we boast a proven track record in utilising reliable components, materials, and conservation standards.

High-speed crane movements along rails, coupled with payload and structural dynamics, can generate vibrations and noise emissions. These can lead to significant downtime and increased maintenance costs. Huisman Automated Stacking Cranes are equipped with advanced measures to mitigate vibrations and noise emissions, drawing from our extensive experience in high-speed travel and winch applications.

Our cranes feature a fully electrically driven system, seamlessly integrated with the terminal's electric grid. Depending on the terminal layout and power availability, we offer options for energy-saving and storage systems, optimising consumption and infrastructure investments.

/ Technische specificaties

  • SWL under container lifting spreader: 40mt
  • Container size: 20-30-40-45ft
  • Container stack height up to 6 containers
  • Container stack width up to 12 containers
  • Gantry travel speed: up to 240m/min
  • Trolley travel speed: up to 80m/min
  • Hoist speed up to 90m/min
  • Maximum operating wind speed up to 21m/s
  • Design cycles up to 4.000.000

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