Huisman expanded its operations to Fujian Province (Xiamen area) in China, to facilitate customers in this region and to increase the overall production capacity. The facility has been fully operational since April 2007 and delivers a significant contribution to the overall Huisman engineering and production capacity. Huisman China is certified according to international standards like API Q1, API 2C, ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001.


Production capabilities

Huisman China has excellent production facilities at its disposal. The biggest workshop, out of a total of 17 production halls, is 205m long, 54m wide and 62m high and has an internal lifting capacity of 2,000mt. This makes it possible to assemble complete products in a vertical position. Huisman China’s own Self Propelled Modular Trailers make it possible to transport these products over the premises and beyond.


The other workshops include a pre-treatment shop, cutting shop, rolling and bending shop, machining shop, shot blasting hall, painting hall and a maintenance facility. The welders are trained in Huisman China’s own Welding School and raw materials are tested in the in-house laboratory.



In December 2012 a 380m long quayside with deep water access became operational allowing us to install our products with the 2,400mt quayside crane (named: Skyhook). Besides this enormous lifting capacity of the Skyhook is the quayside equipped with a Ro-Ro facility and a heavy duty test facility.



Huisman China also offers a full range of Engineering disciplines. The mechanical-, electrical- and control systems engineering departments are fully participating in Huisman’s global engineering capacity and guarantee short response times to local facility support. The commissioning engineers thoroughly test individual subsystems prior to full load tests either at the quayside or during offshore trials.


Capacity and Office Specifications:

Total area:                                    284,000 m2

Production area:                            58,000 m2

Maximum hoisting capacity in shop: 2,000mt

Quay length:                                 380m

Quayside crane:                            2,400mt @ 30m

Outside cranes:                             100mt @ 25m and 30mt @ 25m

Office area:                                   7,000 m2


Huisman (China) Co., Ltd

No. 48 Zhaoshang Avenue

China Merchants Economic & Technological Development Zone

Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province, 363122

People’s Republic of China


Phone: +86 (0)596 685 7222

Fax: +86 (0)596 685 7220



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