/ Rentals and retrofits

Huisman continues to lead the innovation of new products and services aimed at improving the bottom line of our clients. Through rentals and retrofits, we offer clients the opportunity to incrementally improve their systems and stand out from the competition.


Examples of our rentals and retrofits:

Spittable Blocks

The number of sheaves suspended on the main block determines the tripping speed of the rig because the drill line passes around the sheave. By reducing the number of drill lines when not required, tripping speed is increased. Since tripping operations consume a considerable amount of time; it is therefore necessary to optimise tripping operations as much as possible. This is exactly what Huisman’s splittable block does.

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Well Bay Crane

Lifting operations underneath the cantilever of a jack-up rig can present a lot of risks for Crane Operators because the Crane Operator’s line of sight to the load is impeded. Depending on how busy the onboard cranes are, the drilling crew will have to wait for the next available crane: leading to loss in valuable time. The Huisman Well Bay Crane has been specifically designed to solve these challenges and improve safety of drilling related operations onboard and under the cantilever.

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Wire Rope Monitoring Systems

The wire rope is a critical component for all lifting applications. Safety and optimum use are therefore desired. For these reasons, Huisman has developed a fully integrated Rope Monitoring System based on extensive and equipment-specific tests. The Huisman Rope Monitoring System registers all relevant movements and loadings of the lifting equipment. A fatigue model determines the consumed lifetime of the rope based on the actual usage of the equipment. With the Rope Monitoring System, the fatigue model learns from the sensor measurements. This ensures the most accurate and earliest prediction of the remaining rope lifetime*.

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