Pipe Handling Equipment

Huisman is world market leader in the turnkey delivery of pipelay systems and related stand-alone equipment. All Huisman products are designed and built in accordance with the international standards and certified by recognised authorities such as Lloyd's, DNV, ABS, NMD and TüV. Our globally operating service network is on stand-by to provide all service support after delivery and installation, as well on location as by remote access from one of the service centres.


Our Pipe Handling Equipment range is varied, the products mentioned below are just a selection of our complete product range.

Conveyor Rollers

Our Conveyor Rollers are used to transport the pipe in longitudinal direction. They consist of two polyurethane covered rollers configured in a V-arrangement. One of the rollers is driven by a planetary gear and an electric motor. When the polyurethane of the rollers starts to wear out at one side, the roller can be turned around as the shaft is symmetrical, increasing the their lifespan considerably.



Our Davits are crane like devices used for the lifting and lowering of equipment and pipe. They are of a modular design, each equipped with an electric-hydraulic power unit providing large flexibility in its use. They are operated with local manual valves. The upper hoist block of the davit can swivel to cope with large side leads. The winch design allows spooling without a spooling device, reducing the complexity and the chance of failure. The Davits are equipped with a block catcher, load monitoring systems and length measurement.


Firing Line Rollerboxes

Our firing line rollerboxes support the seagoing pipe between the work stations. The rollerbox is tiltable to compensate for variations in the pipe geometry. The maximum angle is limited by rubber buffers. It can be hydraulically retracted to allow flanges or appurtenances to pass. It is secured in its working position by a locking pin.


The rollerboxes are outfitted with eight polyurethane covered rollers configured in a V-arrangement. The spacing between the rollers ensures a smooth passage of cutbacks on the pipe. When the polyurethane of the rollers starts to wear out at one side, the roller can be turned around as the shaft is symmetrical, increasing the lifespan of the rollers considerably. The rollerbox is equipped with wear pads to support the A&R wire.


Landing Units

Our landing unit has three vertical stands with bumpers to engage a pipe supplied by one of the cranes. This allows for controlled landing of the pipe. The bumpers decelerate the pipe and guide it into the V and onto the conveyor rollerboxes. The rollerboxes are thus protected from direct impact of the pipe. The steel structure is robust and designed for the rough offshore environment.


Line-up Tools

Our external line-up tool is used to accurately line-up a new pipe section with the seagoing pipe. It is equipped with electrically driven rollers of which the main rollers are used to push the pipe section to the seagoing pipe with a constant force. If the position of the longitudinal weld seam needs to be adjusted, the tool is moved to its lowest position. The rotational rollers are then forced upwards by the base frame and take over the pipe from the main rollers so it can be rotated.


As all six degrees of freedom are controlled by the cylinders and the longitudinal linking bar no guide rails are needed. This significantly reduces maintenance and increases reliability.


For the installation of double joints a second external line-up tool can be provided.


Pipe Elevators

Our pipe elevator consists of a lift frame and a stationary frame. The wheels of the lift are guided along vertical rails on the stationary frame. The stationary frame is equipped with a hoisting system for lifting the lift frame. The lift frame is equipped with powered roller assemblies to move the pipe onto and of the lift.


Stern Rollerboxes

Our stern rollerboxes are placed downstream the tensioners and are adjustable in height to follow the curvature of the pipe. Hoisting points are provided for easy height adjustment. They have large diameter wire rollers at each end for guiding the A&R wire. These rollers can be lowered to prevent the pipe from touching them when the polyurethane coating on the pipe rollers decreases due to wear. The bearings and the supporting steel structure are robust and designed for the rough offshore environment.


Walking Beams

Our walking beams pick up a pipe directly from a conveyor and transport it laterally by a stepping motion. Each walking beam consists of two beams outfitted with pipe cradles, linked to the bottom frame by parallel links. The parallel links of the first beam will have a mirrored orientation from the other one. When the cylinders of the first beam are extended the pipes will move upwards and a half position sideways. The other beam extends with a short delay and takes over the pipes in the mid position. The first beam retracts and clears the pipes. When the other beam is retracted the pipes will move another half position sideways so the pipe is effectively moved one position.


Each section of five pipe positions is powered by two cylinders each strong enough to hold the total load. When working with lighter pipes, the system will remain fully operational when one of the cylinders fails. The movement and synchronization is controlled by simple hydraulics and is safeguarded by sensors generating an emergency stop in case of deviations.


Work Stations

Our work stations are mounted on rails and can be positioned underneath the field joints by a pneumatic travel system. After positioning, a pneumatically operated pipe clamp can be engaged to the pipe so that the work station will follow the movements of the pipe. Smaller pipes, which are too flexible for the clamp, can be attached to the clamp with a strap. In the locked situation the travel system is running in freewheel mode. The workstation can be secured with a locking pin when it is not in operation.

Stern Roller Boxes
Davits - Sapura 3000
Line-up system
Working station Polaris
Loader - Balder Heerema
Loader - Balder Heerema