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This Huisman facility, located in Sviadnov (Ostrava region) opened in 1997 and has played an important role in the Huisman production and engineering force ever since. Huisman Czech Republic manufactures entire products, such as pedestal cranes and the LOC 400 drill rig and also builds components which are assembled, commissioned and tested at the Huisman facility in the Netherlands or China.

Huisman Czech Republic specialises in the production of high tensile strength steel constructions (slewing platforms, winch frames, jibs, etc.) and critical components (large hydraulic cylinders, load cells, etc). A state-of-the-art shot blasting hall, a brand new paint shop, machine shop, load cell shop and excellent testing facilities are available.



 Total area:      106,000m2
 Production area:       26,800m2
 Maximum hoisting capacity: 120mt
 Inside storage capacity:  3,800m2
 Outside storage capacity: 21,500m2
 Derrick cranes:        2 x 33mt @ 13m
  25mt @ 10m
  125mt @ 9m
Office area:          5,000m2


Safety and Quality

Huisman Czech Republic is certified according API Monogram 4F, 7K and 8C, ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001,  etc. For all certificates and licenses, click here


Huisman Czech Republic

Huisman Czech Republic

Production Facility


Nadrazni 289
739 25 Sviadnov

Czech Republic


Email: mail@huisman-cz.com

Email Sales: sales@huisman-cz.com

Phone: +420 558 440611