/ Safety

We are committed to providing an incident-free environment. Our aim is to ensure the safety of anyone that comes to one of our locations, be they an employee, contractor, supplier, client or other visitor. Our dedication to safety is also incorporated into our products to secure the safety of anyone working with Huisman equipment.


Lifting Safety Together


To help us achieve our safety ambitions, we have launched our Lifting Safety Together programme. With this, we embrace a spirit of collaboration throughout our organisation, working together to raise safety to the next level.


Lifting Safety Together embodies our four values of safety:




As craftsmen, we design and produce our equipment to the highest possible standards. This includes incorporating maximum safety into everything we produce.




We take pride in what we do, doing our work to best of our abilities. We believe that doing something well means doing it safely.




We believe people must feel comfortable to report unsafe situations, incidents and near misses. We stimulate an open approach to matters of safety and our employees are encouraged to stop work immediately if they encounter something they perceive to be unsafe.




We want to have healthy and happy people in our company. We take care to ensure that Huisman people enjoy their work. In this way, we aim to maximise best practice and ensure the well-being of employees during work time and beyond.


Golden Rules


We have established six Golden Rules. To ensure safety and help us to create an incident free environment, we require all who work at Huisman to abide by these:


  • Work safe or not at all
  • Think before you act
  • Protect health and the environment
  • Wear your PPE
  • Always follow the rules
  • Communicate openly about safety