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Salvage of the 'Kursk'

In 2001 Huisman designed and delivered grippers for Mammoet to lift the Russian submarine the 'Kursk'. The grippers were used to make the essential connection to the submarine. The grippers, which fitted precisely in the vessel's structure, were equipped with a locking mechanism. Prior to the production of the grippers, a prototype was tested with a force of 2000mt. The grippers proved their accuracy and efficiency during the salvage operations; the Kursk was lifted successfully.


Salvage car transport vessel 'Tricolor'

For SMIT Salvage, Huisman delivered two hydraulic winches which were used to cut the hull of the wreck in sections, which could be lifted and transported to shore. The Scaldis 'Rambiz' vessel, featuring 2 x Huisman designed and delivered 1,500mt cranes, was used to lift the sections.  

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