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Enhancing operational efficiency: the power of Remote Support Services

10 July 2024

Huisman understands that maximising uptime is key. To perform reliable and cost-effective operations, everything has to run smoothly and efficiently. But we all know that despite meticulous planning and preparations, things can go wrong when performing complex industrial processes. 

Enhancing operational efficiency: the power of Remote Support Services

These unexpected challenges can lead to delays that can have a knock-on effect pretty quickly. To mitigate the impact of any potential downtime and to get things up and running again, it is vital to have expert support as swiftly as possible. This is why we enhance our portfolio by introducing comprehensive Remote Support Agreements for our clients. 


Our team of experienced multidisciplinary service professionals are available 24/7. We make sure our experts are always on hand to help solve operational issues, providing clients with uninterrupted access to assistance wherever they are in the world.


We take a multi-dimensional, tiered approach to problem solving. Whether it's a software glitch or a mechanical/electrical problem, clients can rest assured that the appropriate expertise is readily available.


How does it work?

Huisman’s Emergency Telephone Support will be your first point of contact should a problem arise. Clients receive immediate assistance from technical support personnel experienced in troubleshooting and fault finding.


The preliminary assessment not only speeds up the resolution process, but also streamlines subsequent support procedures, reducing potential downtime substantially. This service enables clients to quickly overcome operational challenges and resume normal activities as soon as possible. 


Based on the initial assessment, we select the best method to solve the problem. For example, if it’s a software issue our Remote Access service will be deployed, or the pioneering Huisman Eye, described below, for a mechanical/electrical problem.


Remote Access Service

Our ‘Remote Access’ service extends troubleshooting and support options well beyond email and telephone support. Instead, our service professionals make a safe and speedy direct digital connection with your equipment.


They can then remotely monitor, analyse and troubleshoot on your behalf in routine and/or emergency situations. Through this interface they can also make software modifications to PLC, SCADA, and drive systems.


We ‘follow the sun’, therefore there is always a Huisman expert available whenever you need assistance.


Huisman Eye

In addition to our Remote Access service, another important support tool to get your operations up and running as quickly as possible is the Huisman Eye.

Essentially, we monitor the equipment through your eyes. Using virtual eyewear technology, this innovative service facilitates real-time monitoring, remote assistance and training.


By immersing themselves in your operational environment, Huisman's experts can provide tailored advice and training, resulting in faster problem resolution. 


Ensuring operational continuity

We are committed to ensuring your reliability and operational continuity. By offering fast, efficient and tailored support and we enable our clients to face operational challenges with confidence.


Whether it's our Remote Access Service, Emergency Telephone Support or the pioneering Huisman Eye, you can rest assured that help is always just a phone call or click away.