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Vote! - Huisman nominated for Innovation Award!

18 December 2017
Huisman has been nominated for the Offshore Support Journal Innovation of the Year award, for the Huisman Fiber Rope System! This is already a great achievement, but of course we would like to win! So, please vote for it at http://store.rivieramm.com/e-aosjca/awards/Innovation-award.htm
Vote! - Huisman nominated for Innovation Award!

Furthermore, there are some other nominations with large Huisman involvement as well:


Subsea Innovation of the Year award: Maersk Installer, with a Huisman 400t Hybrid Boom Crane: http://store.rivieramm.com/e-aosjca/awards/subsea-innovation-award.htm


Support Vessel of the Year award: Seven Arctic, with a Huisman 1000t Hybrid Boom Crane and a Huisman 325t VLS: http://store.rivieramm.com/e-aosjca/awards/support-vessel-award.htm


Environmental award: Fistuca Blue Piling: http://store.rivieramm.com/e-aosjca/awards/environmental-award.htm


Please vote for these Huisman related projects. All awards can be seen at: http://www.osjconference.com/awards.htm

For inter-array cable installation and repairs
a modular Cable-Lay System
Huisman introduces:
a modular Cable-Lay System
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