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New Huisman Autotripping System succesfully tested onboard Noble Globetrotter II

7 May 2019

Offshore driller Noble Corporation and Huisman, successfully concluded the final tests of a newly designed automatic tripping system (autotripping) onboard ‘Noble Globetrotter II’ drillship. The new Huisman automatic tripping system further improves the efficiency and safety of the drilling process onboard. During the tests, the system’s performance was proven by tripping 30,000ft of drill pipe. Even in sea conditions with wave heights up to 6 meters, the system proved reliable.

New Huisman Autotripping System succesfully tested onboard Noble Globetrotter II

Double digit operational efficiency increase
The new autotripping system allows for fully automated tripping in and out cycles including all related equipment. Systems, such as both pipe rackers, setback drums and the drawworks, are controlled in parallel. This results in an increase in operational efficiency of 24%. During tripping, the driller can fully focus on the drilling process and can choose what operational steps are confirmed before tripping continues. The Noble Globetrotter II drillship is now ideally suited to be the most efficient drilling vessel particulary in ultra-deepwater drilling conditions.

Safe and simple operations
The system can be stopped quickly and safely with just a single touch of the joystick. Added detections, such as pipe detection sensors, further improve the speed, reliability and safety of the operation. In addition, automatic dope tools are added to the drill system. No personnel is required on the rig floor during this fully automated tripping operation, resulting in an increase in safety for the working conditions on the rig floor and less personnel expenditure.

Userfriendly and 100% accurate
The Huisman developed automatic pipe tally system defines the order of drill pipe that is run in or out of the hole. The system tracks the position of all pipes in the drill system and shows data of the tripping process. This results in a 100% accurate drill string tally in real time at multiple locations on the rig.

User friendliness of the Human Machine Interface (HMI) has been a major focus point during the design process. Workshops with both Noble driller crews and Huisman engineers, using the Huisman Drilling Tower Simulator, have resulted in a system that is optimised for the operational procedures.

The innovative Noble Globetrotter drillships, based on a Huisman design, represent a true step-change in the construction of ultra-deepwater drillships. The vessels offer improved operational efficiency due to the different equipment layout and are equipped with Huisman’s state-of-the-art drilling package.  



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