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Huisman signs contract with SWMS for the delivery of a HM100 land drilling package

8 May 2019

We are pleased to announce that Huisman has signed a contract with Sirius Well Manufacturing Services (SWMS) for the delivery of a HM100 land drilling rig. The delivery consists of a fully operational rig including mud system and power generation. This mobile trailerised rig will be used to drill for coal bed methane that is subsequently converted to Liquified Natural Gas for exports in Australia, starting Q2 2020.

Huisman signs contract with SWMS for the delivery of a HM100 land drilling package

The Huisman HM 100 series is developed to significantly reduce the time per well by offering superior performance. With rig moves of less than 4-6 hours, and fully automated pipe tripping and casing running capabilities, the unit truly makes a difference.

This purchase fits perfectly within SWMS’s mission to make a drastic step-change in lifecycle cost and performance in the oil and gas industry. SWMS is a joint venture between Royal Dutch Shell plc and the China National Petroleum Company (CNPC/PetroChina).

The HM100 land rig will be deployed for SWMS’s client Arrow Energy in Queensland, Australia, at coal seam gas development projects. SWMS’s focus lies with onshore gas well delivery.

Smart automation
True integration of smart equipment and automation resulting in efficient operations. That is what we deliver: smart synergy and therefor we call it Huisman Smarts. The Huisman integrated software provides automated control and consistency for key operations as tripping pipe, making connections and running casing.

The HM100 rig brings automation to the next level. Apart from setting parameters on the HMI screens or  control equipment from the cabin by joystick, it truly provides automated sequences. Tripping pipe has become as simple as ‘pushing a button’, so has adding a pipe and making connections during drilling operations. The driller oversees the operation and can intervene at any moment.

The control system monitors the operations and provides the rig data to the user to allow incremental improvements. Additionally,  SMWS’ proprietary SWMSLive digital ecosystem (from sensors through to analytics, remote operation possibility and HMI software) is integrated to analyse the data and provide drilling input from the office or mobile phone back to the rig.

Smart equipment
The 100t  hoist capacity  is provided by the Huisman signature double drum drawworks. The two AC electric powered drums include an automated wire slip function. This removes  the need for traditional time consuming slip and cut operations. On top of this an one push button operated splittable block complements the system, which provides the option to switch to double the hoist speed at reduced loads. Resulting in tripping speeds even higher than 1800 ft/hr.

Fast rig moves are easily achieved as the rig is fully trailerised and the equipment f.i. drillfloor and cabin are installed in such a way that once unfolded it is basically operational. It requires less manual handling which minimizes rig up time and crew size.

In short: The high degree of automation in combination with the ability to fast rig moves (smart trailerisation) results in significant less time spent per well. Huisman supports contractors and oil & gas operators to steer their business successfully into the next era.

Quote from Daniel Hooft, COO of SWMS: “We set out to deliver Simple Meets Smart – robust, reliable, tried and tested solutions, married to the elegant optimisations the digital era can deliver – and this rig will showcase the results from that approach to perfection.