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Huisman lifts first batch of monopiles with Skyhook crane

4 September 2020

Huisman, the worldwide provider of step changing technical solutions, announces today that it has lifted the first batch of offshore wind monopiles with its 2,600mt Skyhook quayside crane at its facility in China. The monopiles with a length of approx. 100m have a weight of approx. 1,700mt excluding rigging. 

Huisman lifts first batch of monopiles with Skyhook crane

With the 2,600mt Skyhook, Huisman has designed and built the largest Slewing Jib Quayside Crane in the world. The crane is employed at its own facility near Xiamen, P.R. of China. The Skyhook crane was dedicatedly designed for load-outs of heavy equipment, like the 10,000mt Tub Mounted Cranes for Heerema’s Sleipnir and the 3,000mt Offshore Mast Crane for Boskalis. With this lift Huisman demonstrated that the Skyhook is also equipped for offshore wind marshalling ports.


Cees van Veluw, Product Manager Cranes at Huisman: “With the high ambitions for offshore wind in various parts of the world, we see that more permanent yet more flexible lifting solutions are key to further efficiency gains in the logistics chain. The capacity of the Skyhook matches the foundation sizes we see in the near future, while the Dual Main Hoist gives large advantages to easier connection and handling of loads. With new marshalling ports being developed worldwide, we see that the Skyhook can contribute to further optimising the logistics of offshore wind turbines and foundations.” 


Capacities of the Huisman 2,600mt Skyhook:

  • 2,600mt @ 30m radius
  • Lifting height with Super Flyjib: 170m above waterline


Features & benefits of the Huisman Skyhook:

  • A fully electrically driven system, resulting in reduced maintenance, higher reliability, as well as the potential to provide regenerative electrical power back into the grid.
  • Dual Main Hoist functionality, allowing for large flexibility in rigging setup.
  • Limited track loads, thus reducing the foundation cost on quaysides.
  • Optimised counterweight system, thus avoiding excessive wear when only lights loads are lifted.
  • Boom Stowage functionality, thus allowing the crane to be placed even in typhoon-sensitive areas.
  • Versions with SWL up to 5,000mt are available upon request.
  • Versions can be tailored to specific local requirements.