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Huisman contracted by DSME to deliver 2,600mt Leg Encircling Crane for Eneti’s new wind turbine installation vessel

14 July 2021

Huisman, the worldwide provider of step changing technical solutions, has today announced the signing of a contract with Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co., Ltd. (DSME) for the delivery of a 2,600mt Leg Encircling Crane (LEC), to be installed on Eneti’s new build Wind Turbine Installation Vessel (WTIV).

Huisman contracted by DSME to deliver 2,600mt Leg Encircling Crane for Eneti’s new wind turbine installation vessel

The new Leg Encircling Crane has a 147-metre long boom, capable of reaching 170 metres above deck. With its 2,600mt lifting capacity, the crane will be able to install up to 20MW turbines, which are expected to come to the market in the near future.


Huisman LECs are characterised by their lightweight, yet robust crane designs, with a high level of reliability, positioning accuracy and energy efficiency, making them ideal for the construction of offshore wind farms. 


The scope of work for Huisman consists of the design, engineering and construction of the LEC and pedestal adapter at its production facility in Zhangzhou, China. Commissioning and testing of the LEC is scheduled for 2023 at the DSME shipyard. The contract also includes the optional delivery of a second crane, intended for an identical WTIV.


Min Yun, Head of DSME Offshore Machinery Procurement: “We, DSME, are fully committed to deliver the world’s 1st class Wind Turbine Installation Vessel to Eneti and feel confident that Huisman will successfully play the important role in this project. We will closely cooperate with Huisman to ensure on-time completion of this valuable project.”


Emanuele A Lauro, Eneti’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer: “We are delighted by the close collaboration with Huisman culminating in this contract for the Leg Encircling Crane. Eneti’s first WTIV crane is a milestone for the company, but we believe all our successes are built on a foundation of strong and sustained partnerships like the one we are now establishing with Huisman Equipment B.V. from the Netherlands.”  


David Roodenburg, CEO of Huisman: “We fully support Eneti’s vision to successfully enter the offshore wind market and therefore we are very grateful for their trust, by selecting Huisman as partner for this project. We look forward to strengthening our unique working relationship with DSME as well. Together, we are committed to deliver this state-of-the-art crane and enable Eneti to safely and efficiently install the next generation wind turbines.”


Features & benefits of the Huisman Leg Encircling Crane

  • A fully electrically driven system, resulting in high positioning accuracy, efficient energy use, reduced maintenance and high reliability.
  • In-house developed slew bearing system, providing highly reliable and accurate positioning of the crane.
  • A unique Lambda boom design ensuring a lightweight and stiff design.
  • Stiff construction of the Lambda shaped boom leading to reduced motion at the crane tip.
  • Small tail swing allowing for optimised utilisation of free deck space.