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Huisman Composite Tubulars demonstrate impressive performance in latest test of strength

10 January 2022

Recently, Huisman’s Composite Tubulars demonstrated their strength in a test facilitated by the Rijswijk Centre for Sustainable Geo-energy in the Netherlands. During the test, a newly developed 9 5/8” full composite pipe took an impressive 530 bar external pressure before it finally collapsed. 

Huisman Composite Tubulars demonstrate impressive performance in latest test of strength

The Huisman Composite Tubulars (HCT) pipe system is developed and tested specifically for well construction purposes. With the shift from steel to composite materials, HCT tackles corrosion problems at the core and reduces the potential for scaling to the absolute minimum.


Huisman is continuously exploring and developing new solutions to improve drilling- and production operations in terms of safety, sustainability, reliability and efficiency. HCT combines the expertise of material scientists, well engineers, drillers and operators. In addition to all the expertise that has gone into the development of HCT, the tubulars are thoroughly tested. The recent example is just the latest in a series of destructive tests that serve to demonstrate the system’s robust performance capabilities.


The tubulars bring solutions to diverse applications including tubing, casing, liners, see-through sections or specials. On each occasion, Huisman precedes application with a tailored design process that ensures the optimal match between the application requirements and the product’s capabilities.


The transparent nature of the tubulars is also a unique advantage, enabling measuring and logging activities to take place with ease through the tubular wall.


The system draws on MaxFlow™ connection technology – itself a robust threaded connection that is slender, internally flush, reusable and compatible with other well components.


Korneel van der Meer, Huisman Product Manager: “The composite materials used for HCT avoids corrosion and minimises the potential for scaling to occur and the unique MaxFlow™ connection maximises the internal flow area. This combination results in considerably reduced costs due to pump losses, unforeseen maintenance, revenue loss and, potentially, complete shut-in. Ultimately, the preservation of well integrity provided by HCT offers enhanced protection to life and the environment.


“The results of this latest test are yet another confirmation of HCT’s fitness for purposes. I would like to thank the Rijswijk Centre for Sustainable Geo-energy for facilitating this test.”


Features and benefits of Huisman Composite Tubulars: 

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Large flow area and ultra-smooth internal surface reducing friction and mitigating scaling
  • Designed for downhole applications
  • Superior composite quality (no voids)
  • Lightweight
  • Transparency for logging