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Huisman selected as Supplier of the Year 2023 by Saab

19 December 2023

Huisman was chosen as Supplier of the Year by Saab’s Business Area Kockums, providing of innovative and efficient solutions for Saab’s submarine programme. The company received the award for fostering a transparent, open-minded and innovative partnership. 

Huisman selected as Supplier of the Year 2023 by Saab

Huisman contributes to Saab’s submarine programme by supplying complex steel constructions and 3D printed high tensile steel parts, produced by the Wire & Arc Additive Manufactured technology (WAAM).

Pim Overes, COO at Huisman: "We are incredibly honoured and grateful to Saab for the prestigious recognition as Supplier of the Year 2023. The principles guiding this decision, explained by Saab through their industrial cooperation model emphasising trust, challenge, and collaborative innovation, are values we deeply appreciate and uphold. We embrace this title as a sign of the growing relationship between our companies."

Over more than 90 years, Huisman has built up its track record in the field of design, engineering, production and assembly of highly complex and high tensile steel constructions for offshore wind-, oil & gas- and related markets. Huisman has extensive knowledge of and experience with complex high strength steel constructions with a high material thickness, in combination with accurate tolerances for constructions up to 30 meters of diameter. The company has engineered and built the world’s largest (2 x 10.000mt) Offshore Cranes and has developed complex mechatronic solutions such as Heave Compensation Systems and Motion Compensated Monopile Grippers. The technology used for these solutions is equal to submarine production technology and meets the requirements for hull assembly and joining assemblies. Therefore, Huisman’s knowledge and skills perfectly match those used in submarine production. 

Saab has submitted its proposal for the replacement of the Netherlands' current submarines which includes a cooperation with shipbuilder Damen Shipyards Group and Huisman.