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Inauguration “Noble Globetrotter I” and new Huisman production hall

1 October 2011

On Saturday 1 October 2011, Huisman and Noble Corporation celebrated two milestones in their quest to innovate the industry: the inauguration of the “Noble Globetrotter I” drillship and the inauguration of the new production hall at the Huisman Schiedam premises.



Inauguration “Noble Globetrotter I” and new Huisman production hall

The “Noble Globetrotter I”, built by Korean shipyard STX and based on Huisman’s Huisdrill 12000 drillship design, represents a step change in the drilling industry. After delivery of the drillship at the end of 2011 to Noble, the “Noble Globetrotter I” will enter a 10-year contract with Shell. The multi-purpose tower for “Noble Globetrotter II” is currently under construction and will be assembled in the new 66m high, 57m wide and 59m long Huisman production hall that has a lifting capacity of 1200t.


The new hall is a major step forward for Huisman. The interior assembly of products improves Huisman’s efficiency and quality which will importantly add to our international competitiveness. The hall will furthermore allow for the manufacturing of more and more specialised products and the development and testing of innovative machinery. The ability to work inside as much as possible will additionally have positive impacts on both safety and productivity.