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Noble Bully II receives Global Floating Rig of the Year 2014 award

6 November 2014

On Wednesday 5 November 2014, the “Noble Bully II” was awarded by Shell with this year’s Global Floating Rig of the Year award, recognizing her as the best performing floating rig for Shell worldwide in 2014. “Noble Bully I” was awarded with the same award in 2013. Both ‘Noble Bully’ drillships feature the Huisman Dual Multi Purpose Tower.

Noble Bully II receives Global Floating Rig of the Year 2014 award

The “Noble Bully II” and her sister “Noble Bully I”, are designed to offer a low cost and more flexible alternative for drilling in ultra-deep water. The selection of Huisman’s in-house designed compact box type drilling tower instead of a conventional derrick allows for a significantly smaller sized vessel compared to other deep-water drillships of similar capacity.


Huisman offers complete drilling packages and is dedicated to explore and realise new solutions to improve drilling operations. This has already resulted in a number of new value-adding solutions and orders for innovative and technically challenging drilling equipment sets and integrated vessel designs. After the Noble Bully’s were contracted Huisman thought the designed could be further developed, this resulted in the Noble Globetrotters. After delivery of the two Noble Globetrotter vessels, Huisman further developed the design resulting in the Huisdrill 12000. The main feature of Huisman’s drillship design - Huisdrill 12000 - is the Dual Multi Purpose Tower (DMPT). The design of the DMPT allows for a radical change in handling pipe and equipment, increasing efficiency and safety.