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Mobile Cranes

Huisman has delivered six mobile ringer type cranes with lifting capacities up to 2,000mt and lifting heights up to 236m. All these ringer type cranes are equipped with a modular main boom and fly-jib to achieve to best configuration for each specific lifting operation. The Heavy Lift Ringer Crane is a mobile crane that is mounted on a ring construction. Once assembled, the crane can move on location using its own crawlers. So far, two of these cranes have been delivered.


In addition, Huisman has delivered four Containerised Ringer Cranes that can be completely disassembled in elements that comply with the ISO rules for standard shipping containers. This allows for a very economic relocation of the crane, either by truck, train or vessel. These cranes feature twin booms for larger lateral stability. The crane is mounted on a large diameter twin ring, supported by hydraulic jacks for an optimal load distribution.


Compact Ringer Cranes

Based on the proven design of the mobile ringer cranes delivered so far, Huisman has developed a full range of Compact Ringer Cranes. The range comprises seven models with lifting capacities ranging from 2,400mt to 5,000mt. This land crane type is developed with compactness and low own weight in mind. Compared to a conventional crawler type crane, the Compact Ringer Crane requires only 25% of the footprint, which substantially increases its area of application. An important benefit of this land crane is its scalable modular design.


Components including boom and jib sections, ring parts and winches are transferable from one capacity crane to another. Just adding more of the same parts increases the lifting capacity and height, making the crane very flexible in its areas of application.


Another significant contribution in operational advantages is made by powering this crane 100% electrically, based on proven AC electric drive technology. Besides a precise control over the crane movements, the lower power consumption due to higher efficiency and the cleaner installation and operation, this also solves the issue of strict exhaust emission regulations that exist in some markets and areas for conventional driven cranes.


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