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The Huisman Leg Encircling Crane (LEC) is specifically designed to be used on a jack-up vessel. The crane is built around the jack-up leg and if required the boom can be stored around the other leg, saving valuable deck space. The LEC has a small tail swing allowing for optimal use of free deck space.


The Leg Encircling Crane comprises a steel A-frame, bolted on a pedestal via the slew bearing, a lattice type boom and various hoist tackles to control the boom and the lower blocks. All main equipment except for the winches is located inside a closed housing to protect it from the harsh marine environment. An operator cabin is mounted at a side of the crane.


The crane’s slew bearing is built from multiple segments allowing easy inspection and maintenance. The totally enclosed construction protects the internal rollers and raceways from the harsh marine environment. By using a slew bearing the crane does not require a kingpin for transferring the horizontal loads.

/ features

  • A fully electrically driven system, resulting in high positioning accuracy, efficient energy use, reduced maintenance and high reliability.
  • In-house developed slew bearing system, providing highly reliable and accurate positioning of the crane.
  • A unique Lambda boom design ensuring a lightweight and stiff design.
  • Stiff construction of the Lambda shaped boom leading to reduced motion at the crane tip.
  • Small tail swing allowing for optimised utilisation of free deck space

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