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Huisman’s Offshore Mast Crane (OMC) is a compact design heavy lift crane using state-of-the-art technology, resulting in a lifting capacity up to 8,000mt. The OMC is designed for use on offshore construction vessels or semi-submersibles. Many of the OMCs are suitable for ultra-deepwater operations in depths of up to 5,000m. 


The small rectangular footprint of Huisman’s OMC allows for easy integration with the vessel's steel structure and direct installation of the crane on the stern, achieving a large effective outreach and reducing costs for integration. Huisman’s OMC is lightweight as the crane is built up from high tensile steel and doesn’t require ballast weight. The height of the mast provides a superior load curve compared to traditional cranes, especially at larger radii.


The OMC uses a deepwater hoist system with a single line capacity of up to 300mt. The deepwater hoist system consists of a traction winch and a storage winch. The vessel functionality can be extended by outfitting the OMC with an ultra-deepwater hoist system. When this is the case, the traction winch is either installed inside the crane or in the hull of the vessel.

/ features

  • Lifting capacity up to 8,000mt;
  • Superior load curve;
  • Large effective outreach;
  • Small rectangular footprint;
  • Simple integration with vessel structure
  • Low own construction weight;
  • Minor tail swing, saving deck space;
  • Low centre of gravity;
  • Ultra-deep water installation system (optional);
  • Active & passive heave compensation system (optional);
  • Stinger suspension from mast base (optional);
  • Fully electrically driven. 

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