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Based on a proven track record in delivering high capacity offshore cranes over the last decades, Huisman offers a range of Tub Mounted Cranes with lifting capacities up to 12,000mt. Proven technology for essential crane components is used in the design of these Tub Mounted Cranes.


Aiming for a next generation of Tub Mounted Cranes, Huisman developed this crane type based on a slew bearing principle, instead of using conventional slewing solutions. Given the experience built-up in the design and in-house production of large slew bearings, Huisman is able to provide a reliable and durable slewing solution. 


Using a full, highly responsive electric drive system and having a mechanical clearance free slewing system, crane movements are very precise and accurate. Maintenance required, energy consumption and noise level are substantially reduced compared to conventional Tub Mounted Cranes and there is no risk of hydraulic fluid or oil spill. The electric drive system of the crane is highly redundant since multiple separate load paths are used on each crane hoist. Taking a modular design approach in the Tub Mounted Cranes allows for designs that can be highly tailored to client preferences. As one of the options available, a deep water lowering system can be incorporated.

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/ features

  • Lifting capacity up to 12,000mt
  • Low own weight
  • Small tail swing, optimising free deck space
  • No counterweight
  • In-house made slew bearing
  • Bridge passage possible using a foldable back frame
  • Full revolving with maximum capacity

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/ 2x 10,000mt Tub Mounted Crane and 100mt PMC
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