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The InnoRig is designed to better fit the needs of a drilling rig in modern unconventional plays. The InnoRig can easily be built up and moved quickly between wells, either between single locations, or multiwell pads. The rig can be delivered with a walking system to enable walking between wells. Due to the open substructure, wells can be approached from any angle. The rig package and backyard is designed in container size modules.


For land applications, the crane-less rig up procedure and road legal transportable modules further reduce human exposure during potentially high risk activities andlower the time required for mobilisation.


The InnoRig is specifically designed for the development of today's and tomorrow's unconventional resources.



/ features


  • Fully automated tripping;
  • Rig moves in one - two days;
  • Option of all loads to be trailerised;
  • Very small footprint;
  • All loads container sized;
  • Advanced auto driller;
  • Optional desert wheel set available;
  • Highly integrated control system.



  • For drilling or plug and abandonment applications;
  • Modular option with lightweight loads;
  • Tender assisted with three main hoists and one day rig up;
  • Total weight of rig < 600mt; including skidding system and well control;
  • One size fits all skid system - fits all capping beam spacing;
  • Tubular transfer using pipe tubs instead of high line.

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