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The Huisman Monopile Gripper has been designed to be light and compact while maintaining a high level of stiffness. Extensive dynamic analysis has shown that the stiffness of the gripper is one of the most important design characteristics for controlling and mitigating unwanted monopile oscillations. High stiffness results in less deflection and more control over the monopile, extending the operating window.


Gripper ring

The gripper ring interfaces with the monopile via a set of roller boxes and forms the interface between the pile and the vessel. In addition to the main roller boxes, three additional rollers are provided to rotate the monopile. Two large doors provide an opening to bring the monopile into the ring and allow the gripper to retract while the monopile is in the ring. A hydraulically operated locking mechanism ensures that the gripper remains closed during operation. All major functions on the ring are hydraulically controlled.


Positioning System

The verticality of the monopile is controlled by moving the gripper in X and Y directions. By changing the position of the ring with respect to the vessel the monopile position and its angle with respect to the vertical can be accurately controlled.


Control system

The pile gripper can be controlled from a WAB or from a fixed control location.

Increased safety

Increased safety

The monopile is surrounded by a closed ring, providing additional safety compared to arm grabs, it is held in position by six roller boxes, one of which can be retracted to allow holes or trunnions on the monopile to pass through the ring.


Optimal control

Optimal control

Vertical adjustment of the ring allows inboard storage and a low operating position. The high structural stiffness increases pile control and improves accuracy and weather window. The pile rotation rollers control the orientation of the monopile to ensure correct positioning of the cable entry.

Increased efficiency

Increased efficiency

A wide range of monopiles can be installed without modification. The simple deck interface allows easy and quick mobilisation and demobilisation. The monopile gripper has an inboard storage position with an attached NMS system for easy maintenance and is compatible with all currently available industry-standard noise mitigation systems.

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