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The worldwide ambitions for offshore wind energy involve complex logistics operations in the installation phase. Marshalling ports and large quaysides with weight-carrying capacity are critical to the assembly, storage and deployment of large wind turbines. This requires increasing lifting height and capacity. Huisman offers flexible solutions for any work site or environment.

Maximise reliability

Maximise reliability

The next generation wind turbine components and foundations will be handled safely and with the lowest possible load on the ground. Being fully electrically driven, Huisman Quayside Cranes are economical in power consumption, environmentally friendly and require little maintenance.

Optimise efficiency

Optimise efficiency

Deploying a Huisman Quayside Crane for load outs, handling of foundations and assembly of wind turbines on floating foundations avoids the dependency on less efficient load out constructions. With a dedicated Huisman Quayside Crane you can speed up the delivery of your offshore wind projects.  

Increase flexibility

Increase flexibility

Both the Huisman Skyhook and the modular Huisman Ringer Crane can be delivered with a lifting capacity ranging from 600 to 5,000mt at a height of up to 200m, depending on your requirements. All Huisman Quayside Cranes are designed to be relocated easily at any work site and in any environment.

/ features

Platform Twin-Ring Containerised Crane (PTC)

A 1,600mt Platform Twin-ring Containerised Crane (PTC) is a familiar appearance on many heavy lift projects and construction sites for various industries, including offshore wind, petrochemical industries and other sites.

The crane can be configured in various ways so that it can be optimised for a specific operation or logistical process, for example, handling monopiles, transition pieces, tower sections, nacelles or the complete assembly of turbine towers.

The crane components can be easily transported since they fit within the weights and dimensions of an ISO container.

The crane features a fully electrically driven system and can be connected to an electric grid for quiet operation. 

The crane can be easily erected by using the mounting frame and the erection winch. The crane can be assembled in just two weeks.

Ringer Crane

The Ringer Crane is capable of installing future generation wind turbines on floaters from quaysides or on land. This design features a 155m main boom and 80m fly jib.

The Ringer Crane can lift a safe working load of 1,000mt to 220m above ground level. The gooseneck, at the top of the fly jib, ensures additional clearance between the load and the fly jib. This design can be expanded with additional components to upgrade the crane's lifting capacity to 5,000mt.

Moreover, the crane components can be transported by road. This makes it relatively easy to relocate the crane around the world. The wide weather window and low ground pressure of 15-25mt/m 2 provide operational flexibility

The crane rotates at a 35m radius ring around its centralised static ballast of 4,500mt. The boom (including the fly jib) is self-upending to its minimal operational angle of 20 degrees. This ensures a straightforward set-up process.


The Skyhook is the first and largest Slewing Jib Quayside Crane in the world, designed for load-out of heavy equipment, such as the handling of foundations and also for the assembly of wind turbines on floating foundations.


The crane can be designed to up to 5,000mt for different configurations, ideally for lifting heavy objects in the dry dock or marshalling jacket foundations. In addition, the Dual Main Hoist enables upending of monopiles or jackets without the need for additional hoisting equipment. 

The Skyhook is fully electrically driven. This offers advantages in terms of crane reliability and energy efficiency compared to more conventional electro-hydraulic cranes. In addition, environmental and operational risks of a hydraulic oil leak are eliminated.


The Skyhook can also ride on a track. This gives the crane an incredible reach. Extra Overturning Moment (Safe Working Load at radius) is achieved by a counterweight cradle. Concrete ballast blocks are placed inside the cradle and thus extend the lifting capacity to a larger radius.


The cradle can be lowered to the ground to fine tune the overturning moment that is required. A great feature for turbine rigs on (spar) floats, where a Safe Working Load is required for larger outreaches.


/ technical specifications


Main Boom operation – SSL configuration

  • 49m A-frame – lifting capacity at radius: 1,600mt @ 15m
  • 49m A-frame – lifting height at radius: 45m @ 17m
  • 97m A-frame – lifting capacity at radius: 750mt @ 19m
  • 97m A-frame – lifting height at radius: 92m @ 23m 

Main Boom operation – SSL-DS configuration

  • 73m A-frame – lifting capacity at radius: 1,600mt @ 17m
  • 73m A-frame – lifting height at radius: 68m @ 20m
  • 121m A-frame – lifting capacity at radius: 1,164mt @ 21m
  • 121m A-frame – lifting height at radius: 116m @ 27m 

Main Boom operation – SFSL (-DS) configuration

  • 87m A-frame – 87m jib – lifting capacity at radius: 260mt @ 38m
  • 87m A-frame – 87m jib – lifting height at radius: 170m @ 38m
  • 116m A-frame – 99m jib (DS) – lifting capacity at radius: 149mt @ 46m
  • 116m A-frame – 99m jib (DS) – lifting height at radius: 208mt @ 46m



115m boom – 80 m

  • SWL: 1000mt      
  • Outreach: @50m         
  • Lifing height: 220m

130m boom                     

  • SWL: 2000mt    
  • Outreach: @41m         
  • Lifting height: 120m

100 m boom

  • SWL: 3000mt     
  • Outreach: @28m         
  • Lifting height: 90m



  • Main hoist capacity: 2,600mt 
  • Main hoist max lifting height: 135m
  • Auxiliary hoist on flyjib: 200mt up to 800mt
  • Auxiliary hoist on flyjib: max lifting height 190m
  • Trolley hoist: 40mt
  • Sling hoist: 15mt

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Improving safety and mitigating risks in the construction and maintenance of offshore wind farms are the foremost challenges of the industry. To help you optimise every stage of installation and operation, and boost your competitive edge, Huisman has developed an innovative range of cranes and tools for you to be equipped for impact.

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