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To improve the efficiency of offshore windfarm installation, Huisman has developed the Windfarm Installation Vessel (WIV); a semi-submersible vessel with a 3D-motion compensated WTG installation system.


The WIV is a 180m long and 88m wide semi-submersible, providing a stable platform even in rough sea conditions. She keeps station with a DP3 system with 8 x 4MW thrusters. The vessel has 200 beds, which can be used for the construction crew, marine crew and others.


The WIV offers a viable and cost-effective installation method for both floating and fixed-bottom wind farms. This innovative installation vessel is designed to install monopiles as well as Wind Turbine Generators (WTGs), in one piece. By assembling the complete WTG on board, off the critical path, a very high workability can be achieved.



  • Efficient installation: low weather dependency and high installation speed
  • 3D motion compensation technology during installation of WTGs
  • Capable of carrying and installing 10 monopiles (125m length x 12m diameter) and transition pieces
  • Capable of carrying and installing 8 WTGs
  • The application of feeder vessels reduces costly port logistics


Fast scale-up of offshore wind

Fast scale-up of offshore wind

  • 85% workability during the entire year in the North Sea, enabling year-round installation
  • The WIV enables the installation of > 100 complete WTGs and foundation combinations per year
  • One vessel for the complete installation of windfarms (both foundations and turbines)


  • Significant reduction of CO2 emission
  • Speeding up the offshore wind farm delivery, accelerating green power generation


Enabling a substantial cost reduction per installed wind farm, compared to conventional installation methods

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