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Huisman's new anchor handling and towing winches combine the advantages of existing winch designs in a new design using proven technologies such as dynamic brakes, band brakes and wildcats of the deep water mooring systems, electric drive systems with planetary gearboxes and heavy drum designs of the deep water installation systems.


In addition, the anchor handling and towing winches are fitted with water cooled clutches integrated in the drive train, enabling ‘overload protection’, ‘high speed pay-out’, and ‘emergency release’ functionalities.



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Huisman has developed a full range of Anchor Handling and Towing winch systems, ranging from 200 up to 800mt line pull and can provide the following components:


  • Anchor handling winches;
  • Towing winches;
  • Secondary winches;
  • Storage winches;
  • Anchor launch & recovery system;
  • Cable lifter exchange system;
  • Cargo rail cranes;
  • Various deck equipment.

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