HuisDrill 10000

Our in-house designed HuisDrill 10000 is a self-propelled drill ship with DP-3 classification. By fully integrating the designs of the equipment and vessel, its displacement is only 54,000mt with operational capabilities equal to units with a displacement of 100,000mt. It is suitable for both Marine Drilling Riser (MDR) and Pressure Riser Drilling (PRD) for worldwide operation. The design is based on a mast-type drilling derrick and tubular setbacks in revolving carousels.

The design of the drilling package focuses on drilling efficiency and versatility. It permits drilling operations with MDR up to 12,000ft water depth. Total drilling depth capacity will be in excess of 12,190m (40,000ft) measured from sea level. Horizontal storage of 3,020m risers is in the hull below main deck. 


From stern to bow, the hull contains the following major sections: aft thruster rooms, tubular storage and riser storage, drilling section in the centre of the unit, mud mixing, treatment and pumping section, power generation section with 4 independent engine rooms, forward thruster (retractable) rooms, accommodation section above the thrusters and power generation section.


The orders for integrated drilling equipment sets onboard the Noble Drillship Globetrotters are based on the HuisDrill 10000 designs.


  • Compact vessel, total displacement 54,000t 

  • Large usable deck area of 4000sq m (45,200sq ft)

  • Variable payload of 20,000mt (including risers, BOP, drill string, tools, bulk and mud)

  • Horizontal riser storage in hull under main deck (21 inch riser, 75ft)

  • Open drilling derrick with unrestricted access from three sides, no V-door limitations and two travelling blocks

  • Mast-type derrick with 2,400 kips hoists on drilling and aux. sides

  • Removable top section of mast to pass Bosporus, Panama and Suez Canal bridges

  • Dual drawworks on main hoist -> no slip-cut procedure needed, dual passive heave compensators

  • Use of splittable blocks for increased hoisting efficiency and speeds

  • Stand length of 135ft

  • Minimised substructure, drill floor 4.9m above main deck

  • Fully automated pipe handling

  • Riser tensioner system consisting of 8 sets. One riser tensioner set can be out of operations while maintaining the required tension in the riser column

  • DP-3, four engine rooms, six thrusters

  • Two heavy work class ROV systems each with individual maintenance garage

Noble Globetrotter I
Installation Dual Multi Purpose Tower
Drilling side, DMPT side view with raised construction floor, Construction side
Removable top section for bridge passage
Open character drill floor
Noble Globetrotter I