Semi Submersibles

In the mid 90’s Huisman was involved in the design of the Pride Amethyst 2 class semi-submersible drilling rig. The semisubmersible has a unique vertical riser storage designed by Huisman. Four semi-submersible units were built according the Huisman design, including Huisman built riser handling crane and offshore cranes. With the experience gained, we continue to use in designing complete drilling semi-submersibles.

The Orion a DP3 mobile offshore drilling unit, is designed for harsh environments with maximum water depths up to 3000 meter.


The JBF Arctic is a new revolutionary design for drilling in severe Arctic conditions. Excellent ice resistance in the winter season combined with very low motions in waves in open waters in summer season allows virtually all the year round utilization of the unit.


The Huisman designed Arctic S allows to operate at different drafts resulting in three main operating modes. The unique design combines the advantages of a conventional semi-submersible resulting in very low motions in waves and a heavily strengthened ice resistant unit when operating in ice at deep draft afloat. In third operating mode the unit acts as a gravity based structure.

Semi-Submersible Orion 900
Semi-Submersible Orion 2500
Semi-Submersible Orion 3000
Semi-Submersible JBF Arctic
Semi-Submersible JBF Arctic
Semi-Submersible JBF Arctic