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Huisman On-site Support: Service on your terms

31 January 2024

With its services, Huisman ensures top-notch support for its clients throughout the equipment lifecycle. As the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), the company is in prime position to achieve this, leveraging its deep understanding of the equipment to provide high-quality services. This includes On-site Support for inspection, maintenance, training, and emergency response, conveniently bringing expertise to clients when and where they need it.

Huisman On-site Support: Service on your terms

Bringing the expertise to you

Huisman brings its expertise to you, whenever and wherever you most need it. Service Operations Manager Martin van Gool explains. “We provide our clients with a tailored maintenance manual for their Huisman equipment. With this, we enable them to take care of things themselves on a day-to-day basis. This covers how to carry out basic inspections and its frequency. The manual will also point out items susceptible to wear so that clients can monitor them closely.


While we encourage self-care, we don't leave clients stranded. We conduct annual inspections, leveraging our OEM knowledge, advantage and maintaining open communication with suppliers for quick issue resolution. It makes sense that we do this. As the OEM we have a full understanding of the equipment and how best to take care of it. We also have a close line of communication with the suppliers providing components. This means that when an issue arises, we can quickly put things to right again. Plus, an annual inspection also gives us a chance to advise the clients on any maintenance tasks they will be performing themselves going forward.


“Following the inspection, we update all relevant documentation (BOMs) and store the information in myHuisman©. This way the client is able to build up their own knowledge base.”


Maintaining safety

The benefits of such an inspection are diverse. For one thing, it ensures that the equipment is kept in prime condition and that all components continue to perform according to specification. Crucially, it plays an important role in maintaining safety.


As an OEM, we possess a distinct advantage when it comes to addressing and resolving issues. Our ability to see the big picture allows us to recognise that what may initially appear as a small, isolated problem is often interconnected with a larger system. This comprehensive understanding enables us to delve deeper into the root causes of issues and implement more effective and sustainable solutions,” says Martin.


A boost for sustainability

He continues, explaining how Huisman Services can help to further sustainability.


“In essence, our commitment to understanding our products at the core not only enhances operational efficiency but also directly supports our sustainability objectives. The sustainable performance of the equipment benefits from regular inspection, which ensures that components last longer and avoids unnecessary waste. It also ensures optimally efficient performance, including minimal energy consumption. Our high first-time right rate is a testament to our dedication to providing effective solutions while minimising the environmental impact of our service operations.”


Innovating for best results

Huisman draws on innovation to ensure the best results. Take the company’s drone inspections. This removes the requirement to set up rope work or scaffolding. This not only maximises the efficiency of inspection, it also makes it considerably safer.


The use of the drone is not the innovative part of the service, as Martin explains. “The interesting part of this service is the AI system that supports the drone inspection. This system is continually learning, so is becoming more and more effective over time.


“Based on the footage, any damage and rust or dents are identified. It is then able to produce a report detailing actions to be taken, in the fastest possible timeframe, enabling clients to conduct both inspection and corrective maintenance with minimal downtime.”


A personal approach to client care

In addition to applying technology, Huisman also lends a personal approach. The company offers both hands-on and theoretical training on operation and maintenance of Huisman equipment.


“What we also offer, is operational support,” explains Martin. “When they first take delivery of a new, highly technical piece of equipment, they don’t know what challenges they may encounter. Therefore, having someone onboard and alongside them in the first weeks can really take the pressure off and inspire confidence.”


All part of the service

With comprehensive maintenance and training support, Huisman Services aims to ensure that there is no need for emergency repairs. Should a situation arise, however, the company is there to assist its clients with a rapid response.


“We are a global organisation, and we work as one team on one job,” states Martin. “That means that, wherever you are in the world, whenever you need it, there will be someone available to provide you with support.”


Huisman operates via the Follow the Sun principle. With 75 highly trained engineers located all around the world, someone is available to take a call 24/7.


“As soon as we’re notified that someone needs us, we’ll get the colleague who’s closest to the situation into action immediately and get things resolved as soon as possible. You don’t just purchase a piece of equipment from Huisman, you purchase optimal safety, reliable performance and increased uptime. It’s all part of the service,” concludes Martin.