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Cutting Ceremony for CMHI Innovative Drilling System at Huisman China

23 January 2019

On Friday 18 January, representatives of CMHI and Huisman witnessed the cutting ceremony of the DES Innovative Drilling System project at Huisman China. The Huisman innovative drilling system will be integrated and installed on the moored drilling semi-submersible constructed at CMHI Haimen. This drilling system will be used for oil and gas drilling activities in shallow to medium water depths all around Asia, particularly the South China Sea. It will be delivered in the second quarter of 2020 to CMHI Jiangsu Yard in China. Fabrication and final commissioning work will take place at Huisman China.

Cutting Ceremony for CMHI Innovative Drilling System at Huisman China

Marco Broer, Managing Director of Huisman China:” We recognise the importance of this project and the cooperation between its partners. We fully support the ambition of CMHI not only during this project but also for the future. Therefore, we will do our utmost to live up to our name as reliable and committed partner with high-end design and manufacturing capabilities as well as a strong focus on quality, safety and service. It is paramount that together, as partners, we can realise the ambitions successfully”.


Mr. Liang Guoming, Director of Project and Research Center CMHI:”Huisman is an unrivalled innovator and leader in the marine equipment industry. It is well known for its commitment to provide innovative, efficient and reliable equipment solutions to the end-clients. Having been in various discussions with Huisman over the past on the design and engineering of our drilling system and offshore cranes, I can testify to it”.