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In the first half of 2007, Huisman was awarded a contract for the design and manufacturing of the drilling tower and related pipe, riser and BOP handling equipment for the Noble Bully I. The order to outfit a second vessel followed in 2008. In 2013 and 2014, Noble Bully I & II received the ‘Shell Global Floating Rig of the Year Award.’ The Noble Bully drillships are designed to offer a lower cost and more flexible alternative for drilling in ultra-deep and Arctic conditions.


Besides the drilling mast, Huisman also delivered all drill pipe handling equipment, the riser tensioning system, riser handling cranes, both deck cranes and the driller’s cabin. This includes all power systems and an integrated control system and responsibility for third party equipment.

Our client, offshore drilling contractor Noble Corporation, sold Bully I & II at the end of 2020. In June 2021, Noble Bully II was decommissioned in India.



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