/ Pipe Tensioner

Tensioners are the central elements of most pipelay systems. They are used onboard pipelay vessels to keep tension in the pipeline while it is being installed on the seabed. Huisman has extensive experience in building a large range of tensioners for installation purposes.


The tensioner is often provided with a sophisticated electric or hydraulic system, by which the tension in the pipe can be controlled even when the vessel is subject to motions. The required type of tensioner depends on the pipe specifics as well as the configuration of the pipelay system.


Tensioners consist of a number of caterpillar tracks mounted in a frame. The tensioner frame can be designed such that the tensioner can be opened by rotating one or more tracks. This enables the hoisting of the product out of the tensioner to allow special appurtenances on the pipe to pass. The tensioner can also be suspended in a frame that allows the tensioners to open and retract to clear the firing line. This way, extra space is created for PLET installation and other purposes.



Pipe tensioner