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With offshore wind farms being built in ever deeper waters, there is a growing demand for jacket foundations to support the increasingly larger Wind Turbine Generators. These jacket foundations come in different designs to accommodate the varying conditions and parameters of the wind farm locations. Therefore, pre-piling templates have to meet the specific dimensions and geometry that each offshore wind farm demands. Investing in tailored pre-piling templates for single-use is very cost-inefficient. 


Huisman introduces the Convertible Pre-Piling Template, an economic and reliable solution for accurate piling.

Simplify mobilisations

Simplify mobilisations

Thanks to its modular design, the Convertible Pre-Piling Template can be easily adjusted to any configuration. This will simplify and speed up the mobilisations for your piling projects.

Increase operational efficiency

Increase operational efficiency

Even during an offshore campaign, the Convertible Pre-Piling Template can be modified to match different footprints. You can keep your piling operations going without having to change templates.

Improve cost-effectiveness

Improve cost-effectiveness

The Convertible Pre-Piling Template is designed and built for multiple-use. Thanks to its long technical lifespan, depreciation can be spread over your current and future jacket foundation installation projects.

/ features

  • Thanks to the exchangeable centre frame, mud mats, catcher cones and ballast weights, the modularity of the template offers compatibility for future projects
  • The template has a long lifespan taking fatigue conditions and the marine environment into account
  • The jetting system facilitates the retracting of the mud mat from the mud
  • The bubble curtain NMS reduces acoustic strain on marine life
  • Highly accurate levelling system and level measuring sensors
  • Very small building tolerances
  • Construction designed to optimise stiffness
  • Quick change of footprints by using the pocket adjustment system
  • Fast pile diameter change
  • Template can be prepared for a sloped seabed by pre-levelling on deck,
  • The automatic levelling system ensures a horizontal position of the template
  • Preloading by rocking the mud mats back and forth, also in three pocket configuration,
  • The template can be lifted by using ILT or the Huisman Universal Quick Connector
  • Tugger attachment point with remote controlled release mechanism
  • High level of redundancy on critical components
  • All vibration sensitive equipment is shock mounted
  • The pile oscillation damping system in pockets increases the workability
  • Low elevation of lower centraliser allows for very low stickups
  • Post-piling verticality can be measured using the centralising system
  • Pile centralisers can be retracted flush to allow passage of the hammer
  • The levelling system can be tested and serviced on deck by using integrated supports
  • Wet abandonment
    • Connected to vessel with a detachable umbilical
    • Equipped with ROV override
  • The template can be equipped with a pile run off stopper
  • Safe access to all essential maintenance locations

/ technical specifications

Footprint: 25-45m

Number of pockets: 3-4

Pile diameter: 3-4m

Pile length: 50-100m

Seabed inclination: 5 deg


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