Noble Globetrotter I & II

The innovative HuisDrill 10000 design represents a true step-change in the construction of ultra-deep water drillships. The vessel’s main task will be exploration drilling, but it is also suitable for completions, coiled tubing operations, installation of X-mas trees and well testing. In addition, it offers improved operational efficiency as a result of the different equipment layout. Designing both vessel and equipment allows optimization of the entire drilling unit. The result is a more compact drilling vessel.

The design is possible because of three radically different features, namely: a DMPT, a hoistable floor and the engine rooms under the accommodation. The DMPT has no V-door

limitations and a small footprint. It is possible to skid the BOP underneath the floor when it is hoisted and then lowered on the construction side. The BOP is then skidded from the aft to the forward well centre by means of a skid cart that moves along the moon pool under the substructure. This handling eliminates the need for a high substructure. Therefore the drill floor is just 5m above main deck in the HuisDrill design. The combination of lowering the drill floor, the exhaust above the accommodation and a closed drilling tower makes it possible to have the engine room under the accommodation on the forward side of the tower. The exhaust of the engines gives no nuisance on the drill floor. Therefore we have more free space in the aft hull, which makes it possible to place the risers inside the hull of the vessel. Lowering the drill floor and placing the risers inside the ship causes the centre of gravity to be significantly lower.


These changes in the design result in a vessel size that is 50 percent smaller, but with a payload still 100 percent compared to conventional drillship. The CAPEX is lower for this smaller vessel design, as is the OPEX due to the smaller wind area and lower hull drag.


Maximum water depth: 12.000ft

Maximum drilling depth: 40.000ft

Variable deck load: 20.000mt

Displacement: 54.000mt

Length: 189m

Width: 32.2m

Available deck area: 4.000m2

Dynamic positioning: DP3

Generators: 8 x 4.7MW (in 4 separate engine rooms)

Thrusters: 3 x 3.7MW aft & 3 x 3.7MW forward, retractable

Service speed: 11kts (with 3 aft thusters only)

Accommodations: 180 persons

Dual Multi Purpose Tower: 2 x 2.400.000 lbs

Outfitted with Active and Passive Heave Compensation

Outfitted with rotating setback drums and pipe rackers

Maximum setback load: 2.1000.000 lbs, 135ft stands

Hoistable construction floor

Drill floor only 5m above main deck

Riser tensioner system capacity: 3.600.000 lbs

Riser storage in aft hull below main deck

Various skid carts and deck cranes

Tower head section removable allowing passage through Bosporus, Suez and Panama Canals

Outfitted with 150mt, 10.000ft deep water crane


Noble Globetrotter I
Demarcation Huisman equipment
MPT Noble Globetrotter I
Installation MPT
Noble Globetrotter I at Huisman Schiedam Quay
Noble Globetrotter I departing Huisman Schiedam

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