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The Multi Purpose Tower (MPT) was introduced to the market in the late 90s. It is a box girder type mast which houses all the machinery inside. The MPT has the same functionality as a normal derrick but offers additional improved accessibility to the well centres. This accessibility and its improved handling procedures allow for a more efficient way of working.


The first MPT was installed on the Well Intervention Vessel Q4000 in 2001. Over the years, the MPT has evolved through several stages into the 2,400 Kips Dual Multi Purpose Tower (DMPT) that is now featured on drilling vessels Noble Globetrotter I and II. In new designs the capacity can be increased to 3,000 Kips.


The design of the DMPT allows for a radical change in handling pipes and equipment, increasing efficiency and safety. Different ways of handling will speed up the process dramatically. At the same time, the welded structure with the majority of the equipment on the inside, significantly reduces the potential of objects dropping. The DMPT can be mounted on any drill ship or semi-submersible design.


As Huisman is convinced that this is the future of drilling, we built a new 90m high DMPT, capable of handling 55 m (180 ft) stands and 46 m (150 ft) riser and with the ability to simulate dynamical vessel movements, at the Huisman Schiedam quayside. This Huisman Innovation Tower (HIT) is used to demonstrate Huisman drilling equipment, to develop and test future equipment and systems and for the training of operators and Huisman staff.


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/ features

  • The Multi Purpose Tower can be outfitted with one or with a second hoist (dual MPT) for heavy and offline activities;
  • Capacities up to 4,8mln lbs;
  • Height under crown up to 250” (180” stands);
  • Box girder type main structure provides both the main load-carrying element and an enclosed environment for all major equipment;
  • No V-door limitation: free access from all sides;
  • Optional bolted flange connection allowing to pass the Panama Canal, Suez Canal and Bosporus bridges;
  • Travelling block with splittable block comprising two fixed and a number of detachable single sheave blocks for hands free re-reeving;
  • Splitting is a push-button operation. Splitting is achieved by detaching pairs of sheave blocks from the travelling block and attaching them to the crown-block. Block can be splitted from 24 to 20, 16, 12 or 8 falls;
  • Outfitted with active heave compensation system (AHC);
  • Outfitted with passive heave compensation system (PHC).

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