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We are Huisman. We design, manufacture and service heavy construction equipment for the world’s leading companies in the renewable energy, oil and gas, civil, naval and entertainment markets. Our products range from Cranes, Offshore Wind Tools, Pipelay and Drilling Equipment to specials.

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Wind gust busterTravelling Load Stabilising SystemWindfarm installation vesselConvertible Pre-Piling TemplateMotion compensated platformUniversal quick connectorMotion compensated monopile gripperHuisman innovation tower3D printed crane hook

Wind gust buster

Huisman launched of a newly developed system, called Wind Gust Buster to assist crane operators and lifting supervisors when working with the installation of large objects at considerable height, by providing information on the incoming wind 360° around the boom tip.

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Travelling Load Stabilising System

Controlling the movements of the relatively light blades of a turbine when suspended from a crane, has proven to be an installation challenge due to wind load. Huisman and Siemens Gamesa developed the Travelling Load Stabilising System, for universal application in heavy lifting cranes. 

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Windfarm installation vessel

To improve the efficiency of offshore windfarm installation, Huisman has developed the Windfarm Installation Vessel (WIV); a semi-submersible vessel with a 3D motion compensated WTG installation system.


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Convertible Pre-Piling Template

With offshore wind farms being built in ever deeper waters, there is a growing demand for jacket foundations to support the increasingly larger Wind Turbine Generators. These jacket foundations come in different designs to accommodate the varying conditions and parameters of the wind farm locations. Huisman introduces the Convertible Pre-Piling Template, an economic and reliable solution for accurate piling.

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Motion compensated platform

Huisman introduces the Motion Compensated Platform to ensure that components can be transferred quickly and safely from a feeder vessel.

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Universal quick connector

Rigging operations can take up valuable time of your consecutive offshore operations. With the Universal Quick Connector, Huisman offers a safe and efficient solution to reduce your cycle time and mitigate the safety risks of people involved in changing installation tools. 

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Motion compensated monopile gripper

The Motion Compensated Monopile Gripper is designed by Huisman to allow monopile installations from a floating vessel while controlling the vertical alignment of the monopile.

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Huisman innovation tower

The Huisman Innovation Tower (HIT) is a 90m high drill tower, with the ability to simulate dynamical vessel movements. The HIT is located at our quayside in Schiedam and is used to demonstrate Huisman drilling equipment, to develop and test future equipment and systems and for the training of operators and Huisman staff.

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3D printed crane hook

Huisman actively employs the 3D printing technique ‘Wire & Arc Additive Manufacturing’ (WAAM) to produce mid-size to large components with high grade tensile steel. An important benefit for larger crane hooks is the significant reduction in delivery time at a cost that competes with forgings and castings, and a more consistent level of quality.

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Arnold, Tender & Concepts Engineer

“At Huisman, we focus on sustainable solutions. One of the biggest trends is the shift towards electric cranes. It is in the details where we add true value. That’s why we are equipped for impact.”
Arnold 's perspective on the future

Cees, Product Manager Cranes

"To work at Huisman, you first need to adjust your urgency radar properly. Only then can you make a real impact."
Cees' perspective on the future

Charlotte, Manager Sales New Build

“Working at Huisman is acting fast at a time of enormous change with regard to climate change, new energy sources and bigger wind turbines.”
Charlotte's perspective on the future

Korneel, Product Manager Innovation

“At Huisman, we value flexibility and initiative. We are not afraid of experimenting. That’s why we are equipped for impact.”
Korneel 's perspective on the future

Robin, Principal Engineer

“If a product already exists, we at Huisman will come up with something to make it even better.”
Robin's perspective on the future

William, Mechanical Engineer

“In times of transition, we thrive on creating future-proof equipment.”
William's perspectives on the future

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